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Isn't DeviantArt supposed to be a place for EYERYONE? 

12 deviants said We should do something for the udiscovered creators out there!
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~After the rain by Yanagi Nagi from YouTube


KIRIBAN @80,888!

Win 200:points: + half body colored sketch and 100:points: + headshot sketch!
Main Winner: The 1st person who catches the exact number.
Second Winner: The 1st person who catches the number closest to 80,888.
Send the screenshot through note! :D
*For "How to catch Kiriban", scroll further down*

Everyone! Welcome to my page!

~Thank you so much for taking time to visit.
~If you want to be friends, just message or note me! (о´∀`о)
~For all the watches, comments and all other, thank you so much! :love:
~I give you llama, I check your gallery. :D
:bulletblue:Advanced apology.

I'm sorry I often can't respond to most of you, but I do my best. : ( Thank you for understanding!:hug:
~My Scrapbook~ Contains sketches/messy linearts/doodles:…
For Kiriban Events:
[To see how to take screenshots for Kiriban Events, please check the link below]

Special~ :iconxxheavensxx: | My beloved little sister~ :iconakarisaku-chan:

My friends in real life outside internet (we reach each other through text or calls so we don't talk here much)
:iconryuu-ou: :iconmet14: :iconkizhane12: :iconmisasia1991:
Below are groups I claimed characters:
GaaSaku/UlquiHime = AdoptAPairing | Mikoto = NarutoClaim | ShikaTema = Claim-A-Pairing

I am,
~The Founder of these Groups~
SasuxHina-FanFic-FC Doll-Weapon Original-Otome-Games JapaneseVoiceActing
~Co-founder of these Groups~
Contest-Office Black-Mansion YuHaTsuKiTeam Saku-Kohaya7Kae
~Contributor to this Group~
- - -
Custom Box Skin by Mimru

~To-do artworks/Contest Prizes/Commishes/My Shippings~

YEY! I'm so happy I was able to finish all of the prize arts :love: (aside from the ones I haven't gotten reply yet)
:bulletblue: = On hold
:bulletorange: = Processing
:bulletpurple: = No reply

:bulletpurple:1 remaining chibi sketch for Team Saucy Chimera member [ --]
:bulletpurple:2 remaining headshot sketches for Team Velvet Nymph members [ -- | --]

:bulletblue:[Shin and coloring of Mayu] OCs of sarah2231 = 80%
:bulletblue:Main guy and 3 girls design for a GalGe project.

Contest Prizes:
:bulletpurple:Fully colored chibi full body of one character = 2 remaining [ -- | -- ]
:bulletpurple:1 waist up lineart [NONE yet]
:bulletpurple:1 headshot for | Enstromint(no reply yet) |

1. Doll Weapon - Original Manga Project - Chapter 0 out
2. Shinobi Blood - Original Manga Project - Chapter 2 out.
3. PresIdent RIvals - Original Manga Project - Short series
4. Black Mansion - Works as the illustrator/artist. Story © AkariSaku-chan
5. Vampire Story(title undecided yet) - Original Manga Project

Waiting list :love:
Please don't feel pressure for this! I just listed because I tend to forget. Please take your time! :D

:bulletgreen:1 chibi from SweetSugaryLister
:bulletgreen:1 chibi from BunnieBuns
:bulletgreen:custom adopt from PastelDelight
:bulletgreen:bust shot and chibi sketch from BUN-E
:bulletgreen:1 page comic from Jessicutie

:bulletgreen:icon comi from Karumene-san Paid
:bulletgreen:Grayscale headshots of Izumi and Iohime from Snibella Paid
:bulletgreen:Izumi, Iohime, Raishin drawings from MegaMovieMonday Paid
:bulletgreen:Raishin and Azumi from PinkChihuahuaGirl Paid
:bulletgreen:Iohime, Izumi, Shirozaki from rosalinahilary Paid
:love::bulletpink:Pairings I ship so badly(Crack/Canon)
Sasuke x Hinata | Neji x Hinata | Minato x Kushina | Gaara x Sakura | Sasori x Sakura | Okita x Kagura | Gintoki x Tsukuyo | Ulquiorra x Orihime | Gray x Erza | Hakuryuu x Morgiana | Alibaba x Morgiana | Judal x Kougyoku | Sharrkan x Yamuraiha | Akihito x Mirai | Tomoe x Nanami | Kyougoku Ryouichi x Harukawa Kahori

:la::bulletyellow:Pairings I also love but not too much(Crack/Canon)
Naruto x Sakura | Shikamaru x Temari | Itachi x Sakura | Jiraiya x Tsunade | Natsu x Lucy | Loki x Lucy

~DW Staffs | Project Team~

These people are those who contributed/contributes to my Manga Project:


(Manga Projects/Otome Game-related Projects)


(Original Manga Projects)


Please do check them out :D Spread love in DA Community!


Kohaya7Kae-13 has started a donation pool!
5,250 / 6,000
Please pay for the adoptables here.

Thank you so much to everyone! :D

5000:points: goal by Heavens-Aria :love: Thank you so much dear. T///T

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Koizu Feature [#12]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 7, 2015, 7:18 PM

Formerly called Weekly Feature.

They are (from) my wonderful watchers! :love:
I'm really grateful to each support. And this is one of my ways of showing gratitude to all of you! Thank you so much!

Here comes the 12th batch:

Special Feature!
The Good Dinosaur by xXRichCJXx
(A contest entry)
By: :iconxxrichcjxx:



:iconelijahzx360: :iconfoxy-ninja-fox: :iconjclok:
:iconyara06: :iconmarchonking: :iconnyamialexander:
:iconbeccaboo972: :iconprotomandelta: :iconsoul-the-artist: :iconsavagezambie:

Digital Artworks | Fandom ~ Original ~ Abstract |

Rini by nuhaku Barry Remake by FranMagius Alias In the Dark  by Saphire32
Cougar Nidalee by Aowna Contest Prize : Top of the World by ChocoVanillaX Colorful hair by chabbix
Meh. by XxMissChaosxX Ventius by Vane--Chan Bittersweet by KaoruBlackstone1
'You're the only light in this darkness' - CONTEST by alle-burn Request 17 (Hayam Wuruk) by InterestinAnimals Stitches by CyroPop
It's Fall by adsila-ai Chibi Boy by ArtsyBranch ~*Nachetanya*~ by JCTheDawn
Orcabeast - Genim - by manguwuruhimohoao Lace by tinywhitestar Scarlet Night by MrHONOO
Touching the Stars by TheFallenCherry Trunks x Marron- Summer Love Series part 4 by trunkims Talia complete by blueriza
heart by warnergirl Fem!Prussia by marzellene SushiDog by AmateurContestant
Meltdown Cover Art by Lemondolly Oliver (full body) by Theodoreluver98 Niniimikaage commission by ElectricHeartbeats14
Apple Jack in stallion (a.k.a. Apple Jack) by IIAmethystSkyII Frisk Doodle! by TheErroredNoName Were waitin' on the BOOM! BOOM BOOM BOOM! by StargazingTundra
Wirt fanart by whImsIcalTeaspoon Zelda's Hero by PocketLocketX Celty Headless Rider (Durarara) by KanoeShirota
Shade (Chapter 2 Page 23) by Neuroticpig Request by Bia Silva by Weromonka O' Death - Undertaker by ladybakura92
Sayomi Outfit by LeopardtalonWarrior Necromancers by shindianaify Autum Themed Kitten (open) by hellhoundoom
OC art- Hospital memories. by Morgan-Mad-Bolt Soror by KisuuX Dipper's Selfie-redraw by yasmine-art Graypath and Icefeather by GraypathIcefeather
Holomat by bojorquezcomics

Traditional Artworks | Fandom ~ Original ~ Nature ~ Designs |

.:OC:. Daiichi the dream Cupid by Pixel-Sam9 Reading by Summaresta
Pumpkie and Sigfried by Disrun Aqua by darkzombie18
NesfateLP - Anime Girl Gamer Ver. by HangNgaLePhan Art Trade: C'mon, Open Up! by HinataFox790
Natsu Dragneel by yessie10 Adventure Time Queens by SamTheFireWizard
Dragon Pointillism by NekoChanMew Seahorse by greenlarkspur
Ducks Halloween by Melski83 Cute witch cat by SilveryLugia
Creepypasta OC - Dawn Night by HikariTheKiller0C Diva Cat by Blackcat34
Fan Art: BEELZEBUB by AProudoctions Autumn (Colored) by YamiMarieaIshtar
Toshiro Hitsugaya by JengKay Enma Sketches by kaitlynvang
Jack Skellington and Zero by Kitl0nice Trade by fonzie1997
Templar by Kaomasen Ever After High OC: Tiffany De Bell by Haneeys1nsyeerah
Maleficent by Billianna Long time no see HUG by GrimmjowRockstar

Photography | Natural ~ Cosplay ~ Photomanipulations ~ Stocks |

.::Please don't faun over me::. by PanicLightly Shades of autumn by Lola22
Heaven Earth by duderaafi Dagger and Amahtalasdair by Atelier-Cynamon
Oc cosplay, Lavendaire by UndeadHearts ALLURING GLOW by fuzen9kirai
Palette by crshh


The Origami RoomDAY 1
8:30 AM
I was laid off from my job on Friday. On Saturday, a few friends told me that in situations like this, I should start a journal. So, here I am, writing away about my adventures in the Unemployment Line. Wow, that sounds so corny.
It’s the first Monday in 5 years straight that I’ve spent all day at home. I guess it won’t kill me, if only for one day, to relax and then get on with my job hunt.
5:30 PM
Today I went back to my old hobby of making origami dolphins. Ahhhh…. You have no idea how refreshing that is. I remember back in my younger years (back when I had significantly less friends) spending my weekends just de-stressing over some origami.
8:30 AM
My job hunt has officially begun! I found and applied to a few jobs for the local newspaper. Hopefully I hear from them soon. A friend of mine called me and told me that it’s only been a day; I shouldn’t worry so much. I know I shouldn’t go crazy over it, but at
The Lonely Assassin  Frasier’s vast troll like face glared at me in the reflection of the neon backlit shop window, like some warped monster from a child's nightmare.
   “You took your time Thorn.” The acrid musk of Fraiser’s aftershave slaps my face, there should be a six foot cordon around him. The castle builders of old, could have used Frasier’s aftershave instead of building those high thick walls, would have saved them a fortune in time and money.
  “File.” I just want to get this over with; his aftershave is starting to burn the back of my throat.
  “Amber Raphael.” He shoves the cheap magazine, chosen for its size rather than literary quality into my hand. A wonky staple in the spine bites deep into my hand causing me to suck in a deep suffocating breath of Frasier’s aftershave, I cough like a 60 a day chain smoker.
  “I, don’t, care...” I gasp for fresh air; I’m drowning in a se
So Close (Commission for TheNaughtyFish)   Fin nervously tapped his foot as he waited for the grand doors of the palace throne room to open.  The next few moments would be the most important in his life.  Unfortunately for him, all he could do to keep himself from vomiting all over the pristine marble was tap his foot.
“Yes, vomiting on the floor would make a great first impression with the king.” He muttered to himself.  He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and he turned around to look at the person.  “Not a person at all.  An angel.” He corrected himself mentally.
“It’ll be okay.” Subby told him, her shining blue eyes staring into his.
“What if he says no?” Fin asked, “What if he denies us?”
“He wouldn’t deny his little princess her prince.” Subby told him, “And if he does, I’ll persuade him.” She gave him her entrancing smile.  It was all he needed.  Fin let out  a sigh,
Beginning to endBeginning to end
I remember my first day into this world.
I remember how I was created ………..
I was made from light and darkness,
Fire and earth formed my body
Water and air brought me life
Lightning awoke me from my slumber.
That's how I was born ………
At the beginning of the world.
I am two entities, two things.
I am the elements combined,
The beginning and the end…
I bring hope, happiness and life
I bring despair, sorrow and death.
I saw the creation of the world
And I will see its end
That's who I am………
    Someone and no one.



| Suggestion Corner |



Journal for CONTESTS

OOG Official Contest!Edit 1: Rules added.
Edit 2: Prizes added.
Edit 3: Rule added + llama to all participants offer

Hello dear people! Here comes the contest from our group. I changed some details due to certain circumstances. Please read further! ^0^/
~Add this journal to your favorites.
~In the description space of your submission, please put this contest journal link OR mention our Original-Otome-Game group. You can either use :icon: or :dev:
~Add a short summary of the character/s background story or bio in your submission.
~Contribute your submission to this folder:
~Optional: Please advertise this contest.
~Have fun! :D
Contest Theme:
~Make a Collab with the theme HEROINE~
Who to Collab with?
~With your friend!
~With one of the members here!
~With anyone you can think of!
participants won't be required to be members of this group anymore. So anyone who wants to

Tell me if you have contest ongoing, I'll add in the special journal!

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

For people, who'd love to suggest friends feature or for who they think deserve to get feature, do comment their usernames or the artwork links below and I'll check them out! 

By next week's feature, they'll be in. :D

Stay tuned, and spread the love in DA. :love:



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Terru / Koizu
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DeviantArt ID and avatar was drawn by me. :D
The red-head is called Koizu「恋鶴」and her little familiar is called Akura 「阿倉」、from now on they're the mascots for my account.

Koizu's younger sister: Saku
Akura's twin brother: Mozuki
Saku and Mozuki are my sister's mascots.

~ ~ ~

My Art Status

Black Lace Kiriban -CLOSED by iDaphodil Black Lace Requests - CLOSED by iDaphodil Black Lace Art Trades - LIMITED by iDaphodil(it means you can ask)
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Suoh Mikoto [Page Doll - Free To Use] by shortpencil Page Doll [Suoh] by shortpencil Gah, Suoh is so cute here! He's my favorite from K-Project. >w<

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:iconhinatashippudenplz:+:iconshippudensasukeplz:= love x] (because it's my favorite crack pairing, please respect!)

Terru | May 13th | Female | Straight
I love God. I love Jesus. I love my Family. I love my Friends. I love art. I love my hobbies. I love Mother Nature. I love Animals. I love... uh... more things. : )
I dislike insulting or bullying in any form

I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolf i love my friends OCs by ohhperttylights My Memory Sucks by renatalmar I Don't Always Reply - But I TRY To! by ElaineSeleneStock
I'm a Christian stamp by ShootingStar02

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