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~Featured Donators for my Contest~

From my Raishin+Akari Contest:

:iconfenhung: :iconthirteenparrots: :iconmikoyami: :iconbittersweethorizon: :iconheavens-aria: :iconpiko-chan4ever: :iconohruff: :iconladybluematrix: :iconvenaworld:



~This Game - Konomi Suzuki [No Game No Life OP] from YouTube

Kiriban [CLOSED for now]

| --- Kiriban Info ------- Commission Info |

Last Kiri @ 45,555! for now :DHey everyone! :D
How are you all doing?
The ongoing/last Kiriban for now is at 45,555 Pageviews.
↓ See below ↓
:bulletblue:HOW to catch Kiriban
:bulletwhite:If Windows... On your keyboard, simply hold FN or ALT + PrtSc when you see that you're at the targeted pageview then open MS Paint and hold CTRL + V(shortcut for paste), then save that and upload in your
I'm sorry, I don't know how it works for MAC though... ^^;
Send that to me through comment, on this journal or on profile! Or if you find that hassle, just note me with the screenshot.
:bulletwhite:Important thing! You do NOT have to be a watcher to enjoy this event. Anyone is welcome. 
:bulletwhite:The number must be exact. A few off might not count because this will be a little confusing to manage. Depends.^^
:bulletwhite:The first one to send me with the kiriban target, will be the winner.
Commissions CLOSED [Updated]From the long time that I've rested from accepting commissions due to some certain circumstances(with my silly sister lol)... Now I'll try to see if commissions will work for me again. : )
Before, I didn't have tablet yet, but now that I'm working on stuffs with one it won't be that hard anymore.
Anyway, this is a paypal and point commission for SKETCHES and LINEARTS. :D
My purpose for this is that I'd really like to earn even a little and it's a little impossible for me as of now to do a part-time job outside since I'm taking care of a kid.
Anyway, I edited some of the prices and info. ^O^
COMMISSION Information:
Important Reminders:
:bulletblue:No backgrounds. I'm sorry. : (
:bulletblue:I only draw in Anime/manga style.
:bulletblue:If you decide to commission me, please be sure that you like or is interested in my art style... ^^ I don't want anyone regretting that they chose me.
:bulletblue:Please send clear references.


Everyone! Welcome to my page!

Thank you so much for taking time to come here.
If you want to be friends, just talk to me! :la:
For all the watches, comments and all other, thank you so much! :love:
:bulletblue:Advanced apology.

I'm sorry that I often can't respond to most of you, the hours I'm in DA is very random, and I also do lots of other stuff. : (
Thank you for understanding!:hug:
~My Scrapbook~ Contains sketches/messy linearts/doodles:…
For Kiriban Events:
To take screenshots for Kiriban Events, Hold Fn + PrtSc on your keyboard. If not Fn+PrtSc, then Alt + PrtSc.</small>
Special~ :iconxxheavensxx: | My beloved little sister~ :iconakatsukisaku-chan:

My friends in real life outside internet (we reach each other through text or calls so we don't talk here much)
:iconryuu-ou: :iconmrsmile17: :iconmet14: :iconkizhane12: :iconmisasia1991:
Below are groups I claimed characters:
GaaSaku/UlquiHime = AdoptAPairing | Mikoto = NarutoClaim | ShikaTema = Claim-A-Pairing

I am,
~The Founder of these Groups~

~Co-founder of these Groups~
Contest-Office Black-Mansion

~Contributor to these Groups~
- - -
Custom Box Skin by Mimru

~To-do artworks/Contest Prizes/Commishes/My Shippings~

Is now starting with the art requests!

:bulletblue:3 OCs, halfbody, colored = comm from Dory888
:bulletblue:2 OCs, waist up sketch = Nico and Marina = comm from Deidarakitty

:bulletblue:4 chibi sketches for Team Saucy Chimera members [SilverDONE/LilyDONE/Mirajane/--]
:bulletblue:4 headshot sketches for Team Velvet Nymph members[NalielDONE/FlareDONE/--/--]

:bulletblue:[Shin and coloring of Mayu] OCs of sarah2231 = 80%
:bulletblue:A drawing scene from Gunflame345's story, New Dawn. = 0%
:bulletblue:Main guy and 3 girls design for a GalGe project.

Contest Prizes: (Results aren't up yet so no winners are determined yet)
:bulletblue:Fully colored drawing of one character, half body = 2 [OC Hana =… | -- ]
:bulletblue:Fully colored drawing of one character, bust-up = 2 [Flower Hinata | -- ]
:bulletblue:Fully colored chibi full body of one character = 4 [Buttler Itachi |… | -- | -- ]
:bulletblue:1 waist up lineart [NONE yet]
:bulletblue:1 headshot lineart []
:bulletblue:1 chibi lineart [OC…
:bulletblue:3 headshot sketches for hikkarei | Enstromint | KisaSwan

1. Doll Weapon - Original Manga Project
2. Black Mansion - Will work as the illustrator/artist. Story © AkatsukiSaku-chan
3. Vampire Story(title undecided yet) - Original Manga Project

Waiting list :love:
Please don't feel pressure for this! I just listed because I tend to forget. Please take your time! :D

:bulletblue:1 chibi from SweetSugaryLister
:bulletblue:1 chibi from BunnieBuns
:bulletblue:custom adopt from PastelDelight
:bulletblue:bust shot and chibi sketch from BUN-E
:bulletblue:Chibi dolly from ReversedClock

:bulletorange:headshot from Aiko188 Paid
:bulletorange:icon comi from Karumene-san Paid
:love::bulletpink:Pairings I ship so badly(Crack/Canon)
Sasuke x Hinata | Neji x Hinata | Minato x Kushina | Gaara x Sakura | Sasori x Sakura | Okita x Kagura | Ulquiorra x Orihime | Gray x Erza | Hakuryuu x Morgiana | Alibaba x Morgiana | Judal x Kougyoku | Sharrkan x Yamuraiha | Akihito x Mirai | Tomoe x Nanami

:la::bulletyellow:Pairings I also love but not too much(Crack/Canon)
Naruto x Sakura | Shikamaru x Temari | Itachi x Sakura | Jiraiya x Tsunade | Natsu x Lucy | Loki x Lucy

~DW Staffs | Project Team~

These people are those who contributed/contributes to my Manga Project:

TEAM YuHaTsuKi (Manga Projects/Otome Game-related Projects)


Do check them out if interested :D Spread love in DA Community!



Kohaya7Kae-13 has started a donation pool!
5,150 / 6,000
Please pay for the adoptables here. :D

Thank you so much to everyone! :D
Now I'm hosting the big contest I was talking about! YEY!

I extended the Points Goal, just in case. It surprised me when Heavens-Aria donated to fulfill my 5000:points: goal. :love: Thank you so much dear. T///T

You must be logged in to donate.



300 Points + Sketch Giveaway

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 6:34 PM

Hello everyone, how are you all? 
This is my 2nd giveaway. :D
Please read all to avoid confusion.

:bulletwhite: Please make a journal or poll, or tell your friend about my ongoing contest:
:bulletwhite: Comment below and link me your journal or your comment to your friend.
ALSO state which prize would you want to get if ever you win.
:bulletwhite: Favorite this journal

And that's all! Now for the prizes...

:bulletyellow: 3 winners of 100 :points: each.
:bulletyellow: 2 winners of bust-up sketch of their choice.

EDIT: Deadline will be October 6th.

I will use

Every participants get llama from me! :D
Enjoy and thank you for reading.

:Raishin+Akari: Contest [Win Cash, PM, etc]

Journal Entry: Sun May 4, 2014, 4:55 AM

Detail: This is a crossover contest of Doll Weapon and Black Mansion.

:new:NEW DEADLINE!:new:

November 30th, 2014
Now there are more time, so tell your friends who might be interested! :love:

[For artwork category] Draw our OCs together + any kind of animal (I know, lame xD)

[For literature category] Write a scene where Raishin and Akari meet your OC, be imaginative! 

References with BIO:
with BIO ->

OC [Raishin] - Rough Sketch by Kohaya7Kae-13 .: Akari :. by piko-chan4ever

General Rules:

:bulletblue:(OPTIONAL: Please favorite/make a journal or poll about this contest. 
A 100:points: raffle will be done by the deadline for those who did.) Link us in journals' case.
:bulletblue:Put the link of this contest journal into your entry and either 
comment here or note me your entry link.
:bulletblue:You may enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once.
:bulletblue:Raishin and Akari must be together in your entry.
:bulletblue:We provided short BIOs with the references for Raishin and Akari 
so please read those first, to grasp at least a little of their story/personality.
:bulletblue:No mature content allowed.


[For artwork category]

:bulletpurple:You may choose whichever animal you want to draw with them. 
:bulletpurple:You may change their outfits.
:bulletpurple:Please, no traces or bases. We would love to see your own creativity. :D
:bulletpurple:No rough sketches/doodles.
:bulletpurple:Only digital or traditional medium is allowed.

 [For literature category]

:bulletpurple:Must only be one-shot. 
:bulletpurple:EDITED:Word counts must be at least 2500 or more.
:bulletpurple:Please provide either a small BIO of your OC or a link to it in your entry.

All participants will have themselves and two of their artworks featured in both my sister and my profile for 2 weeks by the time the result is out. We will also give out llama to everyone. 


(EDITED: We will give the equivalent :points: of CASH prizes if the winner doesn't have paypal or if the winner would prefer points over the commission)

Also! If we don't get over 30-40 entries, the cash prizes will be like this: 1st place=$10, 2nd and 3rd place=$5, literature=$5. Then point prizes will be split in half. SO please spread the word to your friends and others! :love: On another hand, if we get over 50 entries, there might be 2-3 runner ups! 

Cash prizes from AkatsukiSaku-chan
Premium Memberships and points from Kohaya7Kae-13(me)
140:points: from Heavens-Aria


Artwork Category

st place] 

$20 (either for a worth of commission, given through paypal or the equivalent points=1600:points:)
3 months premium membership
Headshot colored sketch(1 character) from Kohaya7Kae-13
Full body colored drawing(1 character) from FenHung
A personalized starburst from ThirteenParrots
A colored sketch (OC of winner's choice) bust size from BittersweetHorizon
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Colored headshot sketch of OC from piko-chan4ever
Full body chibi and llama from OhRuff
A commission(Paid by me) of choice from ladybluematrix = info:
Llama from VenaWorld

[2nd place] 

$15 (either for a worth of commission, given through paypal or the equivalent points=1200:points:)
1 month premium membership
Waist up colored sketch(1 character) from Kohaya7Kae-13
One page fanfic from MikoYami
A customized dollar avatar from BittersweetHorizon
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Colored headshot sketch of OC from piko-chan4ever
Waist-up chibi and llama from OhRuff
A commission(Paid by me) of choice from ladybluematrix = info:
Llama from VenaWorld

[3rd place] 

$10 (either for a worth of commission, given through paypal or the equivalent points=800:points:)
1 month premium membership
Bust up colored drawing(1 character) from Kohaya7Kae-13
One chibi sketch from Kohaya7Kae-13
A customized dollar avatar from BittersweetHorizon
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Colored headshot sketch of OC from piko-chan4ever
A commission(Paid by me) of choice from ladybluematrix = info:
Llama from VenaWorld


Literature Category - Only 1 winner


$5 (either for a worth of commission, given through paypal or the equivalent points=400:points:)
6 months premium membership (or 3 months premium membership + 396:points:)
Headshot colored sketch(1 character) from Kohaya7Kae-13
One-shot fanfic from AkatsukiSaku-chan
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Colored headshot sketch of OC from piko-chan4ever
A commission(Paid by me) of choice from ladybluematrix = info:
Llama from VenaWorld


August 5th, 2014
November 30th, 2014

(This might be the last extension)

SPECIAL FEATURE for Prize Donators!

To anyone who would donate prizes (points, pms, artworks or fanfics etc), you will all be featured in this contest journal and in my profile for as long as this contest is ongoing! 
Thank you!

[Weekly Feature of Deviants is currently on-hold]



Kohaya7Kae-13 AkatsukiSaku-chan + 3 other people(anonymous)


~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Thank you for reading! We appreciate all prize donations, and we hope that many will join! Have fun! ^0^ For questions, just comment or note me. : )

Amazing Prize Donators:

:iconfenhung: :iconthirteenparrots: :iconmikoyami: :iconbittersweethorizon: :iconheavens-aria: :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconpiko-chan4ever: :iconohruff: :iconladybluematrix: :iconvenaworld:


Kohaya7Kae-13's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
DeviantArt ID is drawn by me. It's my gaia character. Lol! xD
~ ~ ~

My Art Status

Black Lace Kiriban -CLOSED by iDaphodil Black Lace Requests - CLOSED by iDaphodil Black Lace Art Trades - LIMITED by iDaphodil
Commission is currently CLOSED...
~ ~ ~
Suoh Mikoto [Page Doll - Free To Use] by shortpencil Page Doll [Suoh] by shortpencil Gah, Suoh is so cute here! He's my favorite from K-Project. >w<

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

:iconhinatashippudenplz:+:iconshippudensasukeplz:= love x'] (for me, it is, please respect!)

Terru | May 13th | Female | Straight
I love God. I love Jesus. I love my Family. I love my Friends. I love art. I love my hobbies. I love Mother Nature. I love Animals. I love... uh... more things. : )
I dislike insulting or bullying in any form
Sometimes I seem to appear sarcastic to others, but Idk why :? I never meant to be one... ^^;

I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolf i love my friends OCs by ohhperttylights My Memory Sucks by renatalmar I Don't Always Reply - But I TRY To! by ElaineSeleneStock
I'm a Christian stamp by ShootingStar02

You Can Also Find Me At:
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Current Residence: Philippines enrolled in a university, taking Com.Sci.course.
Personal Quote: "There are no ugly people in the outer, only in the inner."

~Sorry for any mistakes in the English : )


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