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For some people who watch me, unwatch and then rewatch... Why? o.o 

2 deviants said But rewatch? :0 (Some error?)
2 deviants said I visit my watchers' profiles so I kinda notice who unwatches, who rewatches(for unidentified reasons) and stuffs, it feels weird. Lol
2 deviants said I don't reject requests often, so if you want to request just note me, no need to watch me for it and then later unwatch. It feels shallow like that ^^;
1 deviant said Also I notice this recently... Please don't watch me to expect a watch back or stuffs in return : ( [Please only do so when you're really interested in my art, or in me-as an artist of course- or if you wanna be friends or wanna chat etc.]
No deviants said I understand if it's Unwatch (Certain reasons)


~After the rain by Yanagi Nagi from YouTube


KIRIBAN @80,888!

Win 200:points: + half body colored sketch and 100:points: + headshot sketch!
Main Winner: The 1st person who catches the exact number.
Second Winner: The 1st person who catches the number closest to 80,888.
Send the screenshot through note! :D
*For "How to catch Kiriban", scroll further down*

Everyone! Welcome to my page!

~Thank you so much for taking time to visit.
~If you want to be friends, just message or note me! (о´∀`о)
~For all the watches, comments and all other, thank you so much! :love:
~I give you llama, I check your gallery. :D
:bulletblue:Advanced apology.

I'm sorry I often can't respond to most of you, but I do my best. : ( Thank you for understanding!:hug:
~My Scrapbook~ Contains sketches/messy linearts/doodles:…
For Kiriban Events:
[To see how to take screenshots for Kiriban Events, please check the link below]

Special~ :iconxxheavensxx: | My beloved little sister~ :iconakarisaku-chan:

My friends in real life outside internet (we reach each other through text or calls so we don't talk here much)
:iconryuu-ou: :iconmet14: :iconkizhane12: :iconmisasia1991:
Below are groups I claimed characters:
GaaSaku/UlquiHime = AdoptAPairing | Mikoto = NarutoClaim | ShikaTema = Claim-A-Pairing

I am,
~The Founder of these Groups~
SasuxHina-FanFic-FC Doll-Weapon Original-Otome-Games JapaneseVoiceActing
~Co-founder of these Groups~
Contest-Office Black-Mansion YuHaTsuKiTeam Saku-Kohaya7Kae
~Contributor to these Group~
Group4allofu AestheticAnimeArt
- - -
Custom Box Skin by Mimru

~To-do artworks/Contest Prizes/Commishes/My Shippings~

YEY! I'm so happy I was able to finish all of the prize arts :love: (aside from the ones I haven't gotten reply yet)
:bulletblue: = On hold
:bulletorange: = Processing
:bulletpurple: = No reply

:bulletpurple:1 remaining chibi sketch for Team Saucy Chimera member [ --]
:bulletpurple:2 remaining headshot sketches for Team Velvet Nymph members [ -- | --]

:bulletblue:[Shin and coloring of Mayu] OCs of sarah2231 = 80%
:bulletblue:Main guy and 3 girls design for a GalGe project.

Contest Prizes:
:bulletpurple:Fully colored chibi full body of one character = 2 remaining [ -- | -- ]
:bulletpurple:1 waist up lineart [NONE yet]
:bulletpurple:1 headshot for | Enstromint(no reply yet) |

1. Doll Weapon - Original Manga Project - Chapter 0 out
2. Shinobi Blood - Original Manga Project - Chapter 2 out.
3. PresIdent RIvals - Original Manga Project - Short series
4. Black Mansion - Works as the illustrator/artist. Story © AkariSaku-chan
5. Vampire Story(title undecided yet) - Original Manga Project

Waiting list :love:
Please don't feel pressure for this! I just listed because I tend to forget. Please take your time! :D

:bulletgreen:1 chibi from SweetSugaryLister
:bulletgreen:1 chibi from BunnieBuns
:bulletgreen:custom adopt from PastelDelight
:bulletgreen:bust shot and chibi sketch from BUN-E
:bulletgreen:1 page comic from Jessicutie

:bulletgreen:icon comi from Karumene-san Paid
:bulletgreen:Grayscale headshots of Izumi and Iohime from Snibella Paid
:bulletgreen:Izumi, Iohime, Raishin drawings from MegaMovieMonday Paid
:bulletgreen:Raishin and Azumi from PinkChihuahuaGirl Paid
:bulletgreen:Iohime, Izumi, Shirozaki from rosalinahilary Paid
:love::bulletpink:Pairings I ship so badly(Crack/Canon)
Sasuke x Hinata | Neji x Hinata | Minato x Kushina | Gaara x Sakura | Sasori x Sakura | Okita x Kagura | Gintoki x Tsukuyo | Ulquiorra x Orihime | Gray x Erza | Hakuryuu x Morgiana | Alibaba x Morgiana | Judal x Kougyoku | Sharrkan x Yamuraiha | Akihito x Mirai | Tomoe x Nanami | Kyougoku Ryouichi x Harukawa Kahori

:la::bulletyellow:Pairings I also love but not too much(Crack/Canon)
Naruto x Sakura | Shikamaru x Temari | Itachi x Sakura | Jiraiya x Tsunade | Natsu x Lucy | Loki x Lucy

~DW Staffs | Project Team~

These people are those who contributed/contributes to my Manga Project:


(Manga Projects/Otome Game-related Projects)


(Original Manga Projects)


Please do check them out :D Spread love in DA Community!


Kohaya7Kae-13 has started a donation pool!
5,250 / 6,000
Please pay for the adoptables here.

Thank you so much to everyone! :D

5000:points: goal by Heavens-Aria :love: Thank you so much dear. T///T

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Koizu Feature [#14] - Interactive

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 9:29 PM

WELCOME WORLD 2016! JOYOUS NEW YEAR EVERYONE! \(^o^)/ Let's be the best of ourselves again!

(Formerly called Weekly Feature)

Everyone's participation is APPRECIATED!

Please read further below:

This feature is called Interactive for the purpose of interaction among commentors and viewers.

For my other active watchers, comment a deviation of yours here!

:bulletwhite:Mention in the comment section at least TWO deviations from TWO different people you know/friends you have!
:bulletwhite:Give a comment to at least ONE of the deviations featured here or deviations mentioned in the comment section!
:bulletwhite:Interact! Greet someone! Who knows I might give out surprises to those who actually participate! :D

:bulletyellow:Link me the deviation you commented on and Include the word koizu in your comments HERE so I know who actually read.

Note: I like giving out surprises. :love:

They are mostly (from) my wonderful watchers! :love:
Anyway this is one of my ways of showing gratitude to all of you! Thank you so much!

Here comes the 14th batch:

【FF】Featured Features!

:bulletyellow:From :iconloveablekittymamiko:

Theme 81, Pen and Paper: MoreA writer does not simply write;
write with just pen and paper,
but with their heart,
                    and mind.
I writer pours themselves onto the paper,
pen in hand,
both are simply the tools.
A writer pours their love into their words.
I wouldn't expect any less,
for the first writer,
He wrote Love.
He is love.
God our father,
the writer of love.
by: :iconbaileyalice222:

Commission .:KekeAneli:. by Mifuu by: :iconmifuu:

:bulletyellow:From :iconalvitte:

Lady of the sand by August-cactus and My Friend by August-cactus by: :iconaugust-cactus:

:bulletyellow:From :icongalateabellator:

Story of a Garrison Rose Ch.1 Erwin X OC
Chapter 1: Prelude
Revered in name by many and poised of the very essence of professionalism, Rosalind Ahlgren embodied the portrait of a true captain, composed, serious, and refined, with a tall, lean figure that forever bore a proud posture. Born within the Utopia district, the immense structure of Wall Rose that encumbered the land was an image she had long since grown accustomed to, yet a budding curiosity for the world beyond blossomed into a potent fascination as she matured. The wings of freedom had often beckoned her, albeit constant encouragement to uphold the legacy of a proud military family and a strong desire to safeguard the defenseless drove Rosalind to join ranks in the Garrison. With her chance for blue and white feathers plucked from her back, it seemed the young woman was destined to remain caged behind aerial walls, yet it was a decision she never mourned. Through unique ingenuity and a steadfast devotion to her career, Rosalind earn
by: :iconvioletsineden:

SC: Keon's 'not so body language' by o-Ironical-O by: :icono-ironical-o:

Special "Another" Feature

Here Comes Cupid by LoveableKittyMamiko by: :iconloveablekittymamiko:

Waiting for you. by Alvitte by: :iconalvitte:

LANCE CORPORAL - The Arrival (pt.1)
The army was assembling in the main Headquarters of the Survey Corps. All military members were invited to attend an emergency meeting, which was set up by the supreme Commander, Erwin Smith. Everyone waited for the soldiers and their superiors - they were supposed to arrive from their current missions or tasks - all from different areas between and beyond the walls. Some of us took two days before finally reaching the HQ, because of the distance.
Many people were surprised by the actual size of the Scouting Legion, once they'd learned about it.(Newcomers usually believed we were much smaller group than what they'd previously expected). Yes, we were the smallest branch of the military, with an official size of 300 soldiers (which was even lowered by the constant losses on expeditions), but that figure was only for the public domain. We had much more fighters in separate units... and all those units were extremely capable.
By tradition, new cadet
by: :icongalateabellator:

They were the ones who participated in the previous Interactive Feature. :D




Digital Artworks | Animation ~ Fandom ~ Original ~ Abstract |

TT3TT by SweetDoodle6 Ayane and Ryuga by Darkellia Blizzard of Hell by 8Bpencil goldencherries.mp4 by YuriKittyYuriKitty [SN] Azure Cleo by Derpcchi As I've improved since I started drawing by GhinVL Persona by phantom-fan6735 Chickadee Fullbody by HetaliaHeteroShipper You're gonna find what you're looking for by Michie-kei Ivan by Yorokobi-kun Tiny Robot - WALL-E, Eve! by XxCoolestChic

Traditional Artworks | Fandom ~ Original ~ Nature ~ Designs |

Night Wolf by Mysticishfully #290 Deadpool by MeowImAvery

Photography | Natural ~ Cosplay ~ Photomanipulations ~ Stocks |

Rose and Gypsophila! (Photography practice.) :3 by shannonxnaruto

Artisan Crafts


Pretty Words and HeartsI would write of love
but the words would mean nothing
Meaningless romantic words and phrases
where his eyes were like the rain
and my heart burned like fire
Pretty stanzas dolled up with empty meanings
From someone who has never truly known anything
other than silent infatuations from afar
that never become anything more
than silly daydreams
The only truth are the shy glances
and the brief words about unimportant things,
and pink carnations that will never be sent
from the girl who can never seem to be quiet
except when looking at him
Walking through the halls of couples
holding hands and speaking in soft murmurs
Until the day where feelings will be matched
and not not laughed off with shudders
at the very thought
Facades of fabricated emotions
being torn through like paper
becoming true and lasting eternally
even after the days with him end, like
Traces of warmth in the winter
Listening to songs of lost and gained love
that I cannot truly understand
Amongst the shades of red and pink
TOSOTR STORIES 3- Virgo Team"See anything?" A hooded Salvager asks, turning to his teammate. The drone shook his head but said nothing.
"No... Nothing. Its clear." He finally replied. It was past midnight and visibility was terrible, but the clearing ahead was empty as far as SYG0-1 could tell. The only oddity was a large hill in the middle of the clearing. Quickly the 10-man team assembled their tents and went inside, leaving SYG0 and Orii awake on watch duty. Orii was a skinny grey haired girl who always wore a scarf over her face. She whistled as she walked about the perimeter of the clearing, twirling her handgun. "This place is fuckin strange. Its so quiet."
"Yeah... I noticed that." SYG0-1 nodded. "Its suspicious. Either someone already cleared the Golems out of this area recently, or..."
"... or something really big SCARED them out." Orii finished his sentence. "Either way, it don't matter to me." She leaned on the strange hill in the clearing's center, taking note of the string of beads hung between two s
LoveWhat is love?
Love is so vast and complicated,
and yet the bond is so simple.
Love can be a strong as gravity,
or as feeble and fleeting as a swallow.
Love can create relationships,
or force them apart in an instant.
Love is protection and care,
but it's also independence and omitting.
Love is romantic,
but platonic forms coexist.
Love spurs people into action,
or chains them into bystanding.
Love can affect everyone,
but can't just be thrown around by anyone.
Love is such a small word,
with such a big meaning.
Love is contradictory,
yet love is homogenous.
In life or in death,
Love has a hold on us.
Love is, in my opinion,
a basic human mindset,
as essential as
learning how to breathe.
Keep love close,
and life will be beautiful,
because love is so much more
than just a four letter word.



| Suggestion Corner |



Journal for CONTESTS

My OC Couple Contest (Open)End Date Added!Harley Blink Avitar    
Hello everyone!!! How are you?!
This is a celebration for all my watchers!!
I love you all!!
and everyone loses their minds! (Joker Chat Icon) 
So this theme is couples!
Helped by the batman crew! 
Since I looked in my stash and the couples don't have much art >.<
Most couples are combined with my OC and XxChiyuuxX's Oc
We make a lot of couples, probably cause we're lonely deep down............
If you want to join! Keep reading!!

                   How to join: (by the Riddler)
      The Riddler   Like what you must (fav)
                       The Riddler  For other eyes to see, you must write (journal-optional)
by: :iconloveablekittymamiko:
Deadline: February 14th, 2016

Tell me if you have contest ongoing, I'll add in the special journal!

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

For people, who'd love to suggest friends feature or for who they think deserve to get feature, do comment their usernames or the artwork links below and I'll check them out! 

By next week's feature, they'll be in. :D

Stay tuned, and spread the love in DA. :love:



Kohaya7Kae-13's Profile Picture
Terru / Koizu
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
DeviantArt ID and avatar was drawn by me. :D
The red-head is called Koizu「恋鶴」and her little familiar is called Akura 「阿倉」、from now on they're the mascots for my account.

Koizu's younger sister: Saku
Akura's twin brother: Mozuki
Saku and Mozuki are my sister's mascots.

~ ~ ~

My Art Status

Black Lace Kiriban -  OPEN by iDaphodil Black Lace Requests - CLOSED by iDaphodil Black Lace Art Trades - LIMITED by iDaphodil(it means you can ask)
~ ~ ~
Suoh Mikoto [Page Doll - Free To Use] by shortpencil Page Doll [Suoh] by shortpencil Gah, Suoh is so cute here! He's my favorite from K-Project. >w<

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

:iconhinatashippudenplz:+:iconshippudensasukeplz:= love x] (because it's my favorite crack pairing, please respect!)

Terru | May 13th | Female | Straight
I love God. I love Jesus. I love my Family. I love my Friends. I love art. I love my hobbies. I love Mother Nature. I love Animals. I love... uh... more things. : )
I dislike insulting or bullying in any form

I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Songs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolf i love my friends OCs by ohhperttylights My Memory Sucks by renatalmar I Don't Always Reply - But I TRY To! by ElaineSeleneStock
I'm a Christian stamp by ShootingStar02

You Can Also Find Me At:
My Twitter Account | My FanFic Account | My PIXIV Account

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Current Residence: Japan. Part-time working.
Personal Quote #2: "There is no future, if there is no past and present."


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