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Hello everyone! I don't know if someone already did a translation but since I got this request from HinataHyuUchiha before... she said if I can translate the whole Drama CD of Road to Charasuke. Here it is! I finally got all tracks and I got time earlier so I did it. I wanted to translate it for everyone anyways! Please take note though that I couldn't fully grasp some of the words. But don't worry, I've studied Japanese in a formal school in Japan so I could, more or less, understood what they were talking about. I guarantee you that this is correct translation! :D

Thanks to Reitashi who found the download link for me too!
And here is a link to a SPANISH Translation done by the awesome :iconnadejiko:

- - -

Asterisk(*) = Words/sentences that has more meanings
[ ] = Sound of actions/sounds
( ) = Whisperings
' ' = Thoughts

Please read the afterwords below the full translation for the explanations of the sentences with asterisks(*)!

~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Road to Charasuke Drama CD FULL Translation
You can listen to Youtube link here:…
Or you can download the .rar file of all tracks from one of the links here(Uptobox link from EU is recommended, I think):…

[Track 1]

Naruto's narration: This is a story of the morning after the day we got into the Gentei(limited) Tsukuyomi world, within the Road to Ninja movie. Be sure to watch that first before you listen to this!

xxx [Track 2]

Ino: Stop, Hinata-chan... If we go to Sakura-chan's house this early in the morning, it'll just disturb her.

Hinata: No. This time, I'll say it loud and clear. I can't tolerate it if she gets closer to Menma more than she already have. Why are you following anyways?

Ino: That's... I (*co-incidentally crossed paths with you) already so I can't ignore it like... that... And we've already arrived anyway so...

Hinata: Well that's fine. To be fortunate, her window is open. I'll be (*heading there now to give her good fight) so don't get in my way, alright.

Ino: Ehhh?!

-onto Sakura's-

Sakura: To be lucky like this from early morning, this world is the best!

(Hinata): She's talking to herself...

(Ino): Hinata-chan, if you peek without trying to hide yourself like that...

(Hinata): Look, what is that?

(Ino): Eh? Ah... Sakura-chan (*looks so flustered) while holding a rose... Hah... rose?

Hinata: Oi, Sakura.

Sakura: Oh! Y-you two... Why are you in there?

Hinata: That aside... That rose, did Sasuke give it to you?

Sakura: Eh, how did you know...?

Hinata: What a girl... Making a move on Menma all this time and this... How dare you do two-timing!!!

Sakura: Uwaah!(Kyaah!)

Ino: Hinata-chan! Stop with the violence!

Hinata: Tch.

Sakura: What the heck is going on, seriously?! I... Nar... I don't feel anything for Menma!

Hinata: You don't feel anything for him... You say...

Ino: A-are you serious, Sakura-chan?

Sakura: O-Of course...!

Hinata: So it's like this!? The one you care about is Sasuke?! You accepted his rose... And you look somewhat happy...

Ino: That can't be it, right?! Because with Menma-kun, Sakura-chan, you ---

Hinata: No no, that's just fine, right?! They say (*woman's heart is complicated)! Your change of heart is completely welcome! If that's how it is, I'll support you!

Sakura: Eh? What are you talking about?

Hinata: Don't worry! I'll be sure to make an arrangement! (*It's best to do something while she's not changing mind!) Open your schedule at noon, okay! Oi, let's go Ino!

Ino: Eh, but I... Wait, Hinata-chan! Hinata-chaaan!

Sakura: What is going on, really...

- - -

Hinata: Fufufu, Finally that woman is going to step out from my road of romance... Seriously, unlike me who is completely head over heels for Menma, she seemed to be a light(easy-to-get) girl.

Ino: I think that's not how it is... There must be some reason...

Hinata: Throwing that matter aside, this is a chance that will never come a second time. Cooperate with me without complaining! We're going to host a group date!

Ino: G-group date!? Why?

Hinata: This is the right time to have Sakura and Sasuke go out with each other! ...That's right! Call Menma too, if me and Menma start going with each other in front of Sakura, she won't be able to go back anymore! I'm so smart~! And what's more, it's gonna be a natural flow!

Ino: It feels (*forced enough) though...

Hinata: Just call the two guys, okay! I'll arrange the rest of things... (*So before that, I leave the task of calling them to you!)

Ino: Ahh... Hinata-chan...

xxx [Track 3]

Ino: And that's how things happened... Chouji-kun, Shikamaru-kun...

Chouji: That was some strange flow of things...

Shikamaru: Isn't it fine? Sasuke is really cool anyway and he always have this nice fragrance ---

Chouji: You see, Shikamaru, we're talking about Sasuke... If there are girls in the East, he'll go there and give out rose to them, if there are girls in the West, he'll go there and give out rose to them. It's not a weird thing for him to date three or four girls all at the same time anymore, he's the king of all "Playboys". I asked him before, "won't you make mistake with their names if you have that much girlfriends?" and then he answered "I call all of them Koneko-chan so no worries." with that serious look on his face...

Shikamaru: That actually sounds good~

Ino: No good! That's a big problem! Sakura-chan calls him "Charasuke" and she hates him, so why now...

Chouji: Well, that group date is really dangerous... Sasuke always make a move on Sakura because he's interested how she doesn't turn his way at all. With how Sakura is currently, we can't say that he won't get her right after.

Ino: Sakura-chan is weird since yesterday... I... I don't want to see Sakura turn unhappy...

Chouji: That being said, even if we refuse... Hinata will still surely host that group date forcibly. It can't be help, we'll do our best to protect Sakura.

Ino: Un!(Yes!)

- - -

Hinata: Let' see~ though I said I'll host a group date straightly, I'm sure Menma will be suspicious of it... Ah, there he is! Menma!

Menma(Naruto): Geh?! (To cross paths with Hinata today too...)

Hinata: What is that, and here I was thinking of inviting you into a party...

Menma(Naruto): Party?

Hinata: Yes, yes! Everyone will be eating lots and we'll have fun! Of course you're coming, right?

Menma(Naruto): Ahh, it depends on time I guess... I have a promise to meet someone in the afternoon---

Hinata: You're going to leave me be...? That "someone"... It isn't Sakura, or is it?

Menma(Naruto): Errr... That's right though...

Hinata: I can't believe this... (*After saying all those things, she still wants Menma...)

Menma(Naruto): Uhh, you see... I don't know why you're mad but we are just...

Hinata: (*"We"?!) You really said it as if you both are close, oi Menma, as I thought... I'm not inviting you at all.

Menma(Naruto): Eh!? Why?

Hinata: I'll do something about you after I make those two go out with each other! (*Prepare yourself and wait for me!)

Menma(Naruto): She went off. Gah, she's weird.

xxx [Track 4]

Sakura: Heh~ this restaurant is neat. It's sometimes good to have meal in a place like this.

Ino: Ahaha... More than just having meal, (*I should say we're having group date)...

Sakura: Hm? Did you say something?

Ino: No, nothing at all. (Phew, I got Sakura's next seat position, glad I came fast here... But the game is from here on. Everyone, are you ready?)

Chouji: (Yeah, I bought a Group Date (*Manual) and read it well.)

Shikamaru: (*I lessen the food I ate earlier)

Chouji: Shikamaru, you... Our purpose is to protect Sakura from Sasuke's poisonous trap. You need to be well aware of---

[bell on the restaurant rings]

Staff: The person you're with has come.

Sasuke: Sorry for being late.

Ino: Where's Hinata...

Sakura: Sasuke-kuun...

Hinata: What... So you all are on your seats already. And they've unnaturally put Sakura inbetween them... Can't they read the air...

Ino: Ahaha... That aside, where's Menka-kun?

Hinata: He's not needed here now. We'll start with these members.

Sasuke: Then, my seat... will be the seat in front of Sakura.

Hinata: Then I'll be next to him.

Chouji: (This is not good... He took the front seat from Sakura's, moreover he's staring right at Sakura from that position. He's all out to get her!)

Ino: (Sakura-chan, you can tell him not to look at you, you know?)

Sakura: (How do I say this... I'm kind of embarrassed... This... This is like a dream...)

Ino: 'Eh... Why is her face turning red with that...'

Hinata: (You see? She'll be easy for you to get.)

Sasuke: (You're truly right. When I heard it from you, I doubted a bit but today's Sakura seems to have her guard off somehow.)

Hinata: (It was worth setting this up, right?! This kind of chance won't come a second time! I'll be your back-up so be sure to make Sakura yours.)

Sasuke: (Hmph, I don't need to be told so.)

Ino: (Those two... From before the start, they have that much force...)

Chouji: (It's alright. According to this manual... First of all, the important thing to do is to escort the flow of the whole setting smartly. I will gather everyone's order and will do my best to be initiative!)

Ino: (Un! Good luck, Chouji-kun!)

Shikamaru: Hey, let's order a food!

Staff: I'm sorry for the wait, here is the Party Course B and the drinks~!

Shikamaru: Oh yeah, it came!

Chouji: Wait... We haven't ordered anything yet!?

Sasuke: Ah, I ordered it. Today, our main purpose is to have fun, right? So it's better to not wait for the meals for long.

Ino: (As expected of Sasuke-kun... He's used to these kind of things...)

Chouji: (Not only that... He has ordered foods that looks like the tastes of ladies... They look delicious...)

Hinata: Ahem... This restaurant is Sasuke's best recommended. He has a good sense, right?

Sasuke: It's quite normal, you know. Sakura, is lemonade good for you?

[you'll hear a sound effect here that symbolizes Sakura's "kyuuun" for Sasuke]

Sakura: Thank you~! As I thought, Sasuke-kun is smart~

Shikamaru: Hey, didn't anyone hear a weird sound just now? Kyuuuun, it said.

Chouji: We don't know. More than that, I need to be (*initiativeee)---

Ino: (T-there is next time! Don't get swallowed by the opponent's pace!)

Chouji: (Y-yeah! Next is... Splitting particular foods. Pay attention to the person of your interest and swiftly serve the accurate foods to her.)

Ino: (You can do it, Chouji-kun! In my team, you're the most who pays attention to details!)

Chouji: Gwahh, now my confidence is rising up!
Fuh... Hey, Sakura, do you want me to get anything for you?

Sakura: Uhm... But... All of these looks good...

Chouji: Don't be shy and tell me! I will get---

Sasuke: Oi, Sakura. Caesar Salad, is what you want, right?

Ino: (Hah! Sasuke-kun suddenly took the salad!)

Chouji: What's the matter with you, Sasuke... Sakura hasn't said anything yet---

Sakura: That's amazing! How did you know what I want?!

Chouji: Ehh??

Hinata: Of course, he's been looking at you.

Sasuke: If it's you, I know almost everything.

[weird sound of "Kyuuun" again]

Sakura: Sasuke-kuuuun~!

Shikamaru: Huh? It's that weird sound again! Hey, you heard right? Kyuuuun, it said--

Chouji: I won't lose next time...!

Hey, Sakura ---

Sasuke: Here, (*Raw ham marine and shrimp fritter).

Sakura: Thank you, Sasuke-kun.

Chouji: Sakuraa---

Sasuke: And here's the sandwich and (*piccata). I've put grapes too.

Sakura: Thank youuu, Sasuke-kuun~!

Ino: (Amazing... That chopstick moves... (*He's not giving any chance!))

Chouji: (What a speed... Before she even say what she wants to eat, Sasuke's chopsticks takes all out to her. If it's like this, I'll just randomly take something and give out to her!) --- Sakura! This (*Chorizo)--!

Sakura: Ah...

Chouji: Eh... E-ehh?

Sasuke: You failed, Chouji.

Sakura: I'm sorry, Chouji... I can't eat spicy stuffs...

Chouji: A... Ah... I see...

Hinata: Haah... This is what the problem is... for someone who serves without love.

Chouji: Love???!!! You're saying that my servings doesn't have love...!? (*I'm over...)

Ino: C-chouji-kun! Get a hold of yourself!

Chouji: This is not good... Ino... I can't win... I lack of love...

Ino: (Maybe, it doesn't have to do anything with love. Look at Sasuke-kun...)

Chouji: (Ehh? Hah! Since when... he's fully activated his Sharingan! Hah... don't tell me, Sasuke was using it...)

Ino: (That's right. Sasuke-kun predicted Sakura's future moves by looking through where her muscles reflexes to reach, and he serves the food Sakura-chan wants right before she takes it.

Chouji: [gulps] (This is... Kekkei genkai's ability... So frightening!)

Ino: That aside... Sasuke-kun's desperate purpose in this group date is scarier... But that's also why...

Chouji: Un. Next time, we'll definitely beat the purpose!

xxx [Track 5]

Shikamaru: Hahh, everything is delicious!

Chouji: (We've continued with this gathering this far... So now, the next is "A lovely topic that catches women's attention".)

Ino: (Now it's our turn for the stage!)

Shikamaru: (Then let me do that one.)

Chouji: (Shikamaru! I thought you were just eating there...)

Shikamaru: (Well anyway, I just have to say something interesting right? Leave it to me!) --- [claps] Hey hey, everyone. I'll be talking about something interesting.

Hinata: Huuh? If that isn't interesting, I won't let you off easily.

Shikamaru: It's fine, it's fine. Ehhh, yesterday while I was walking, I saw a dog with a white tail from the opposite side--- Oh wait, ah!

Ino: (Hah! C-chouji-kun... This...)

Chouji: (There's no mistaking it... (*it's a talk where if the tail's white, it's interesting) he's trying to talk about an interesting dog, but he failed at that part, and it's the part where if you fail, it's a too shameful pattern.)

Ino: (W-what should we do... Sakura-chan is having a very complicated expression on her face right now...)

Shikamaru: What? I'll just say it from the start again. Eh, well, from the opposite side, I saw a white-tail dog is walking---

Chouji: (He totally is desperate to begin from the start!)

Ino: (I... I know the feeling but... With the way things are going now...) ---

Hinata: What a loser. Draw back!

Sakura: Ah! Sasuke-kun, what is it...?

Sasuke: I saw a dirt on your hair, I'll take it off from you.

Ino: (Gyahh! Sasuke got bored and now he's making a move on Sakura-chan!)

Chouji: If it comes to this... I just have to change the overall flow of the setting! ---Ehehm! Go-Gohon! Everyone, it's a bit sudden but... I'm going to talk about a marriage...

Sakura: Eh? Marriage?

Hinata: That's suddenly a big topic.

Chouji: Y-you think so? Finding one person who is important to you is wonderful, you know... We, shinobis, are all next to death itself. You have to go quick and find your dear one, marry and then make your parents feel light from all the anxiousness. But in my case, I have the Akimichi household to take care of, so as much as possible, I'd like my significant other to come into our household and live with me and my parents ---

Ino/Sakura/Hinata: That's too much.

Sasuke: [Laughing]

Chouji: What's wrong, Sasuke...

Sasuke: I thought you're like a (*two-man comic/manzai). Not bad.

[weird sound of "Kyuuuun" from Sakura again]

Shikamaru: Hmm?! That sound again!

Sakura: It's a straightforward answer but gentle... Really, (*it's so Sasuke-kun!)

Ino: (Somehow... Sakura-chan's eyes are now in the shape of heart!)

Chouji: He didn't even say any lovely topic, but to charm Sakura in an instant like that...

Hinata: 'Fufufu, this is a playboy's capability. No matter how much you unpopular guys do your best, you won't win against a very much-experienced Sasuke. Now, all is up to him...'

Sasuke: Ahem. Hey, Sakura. I have something to talk about with you.

Sakura: Eh? What is it, all of a sudden?

Sasuke: I can't say it... here. Can we go outside for a bit?

Sakura: Eh?

Chouji: (This is not good! If she goes along with him, we're out!)

Ino: (Just a little more... Just a little more and it's soon here...!)

[door banging]

Staff: Welcome to our--- wait a moment please, customers?!

Girl 1: Just let me go through!

Staff: We'll be in a trouble--- Kyaahhhh!

Hinata: W-what's all the noise about?!

Girl 2: Ah! There he really is!

Girl 3: So mean!

Girl 4: Sasuke-kun! What's the meaning of this?!

Girl ?: Yeah! You promised a date with us today!

Sasuke: Tch.

[Girls crying]

Sasuke: Some troublesome people found me...

Chouji: Those are... Sasuke's girls! Why are they here...?

Ino: (I told one of those girls the place and date of this group date. I'm glad they came just right at the time~!)

Chouji: (Oh I see. Good job, Ino! No matter how much close Sakura's about to turn to him, if she sees the playboy-ness of him with all those girls crying and throwing themselves at him... Even a hundred-year of love will turn cold!)

Hinata: (Tsk... To think that at this timing, they'll come here to yell about their promises of dates, or whatever it is!)

Sakura: Sasuke-kun... What's these promise of date to them...?

Sasuke: Hm... I don't remember it.

Girl ?: So mean, Sasuke-kuuun!!!

Sasuke: If I say I don't remember it... Then I don't. [Sharingan activates]

Girls: Kyaah!

Hinata: W-what!? The girls suddenly stopped moving...

Chouji: Not only that... They're looking at Sasuke with almost-hypnotized eyes...

Ino: Ah... Don't tell me, this...

Sasuke: It's probably your mistakes?

Girl ?: Ahh... Yes, that's how it is. It was a mistake.

Girl ?: The date was already over. We had fun~ Thank you~ Bye bye, Sasuke-kun~!

Sasuke: Yeah. Be careful on your way.

[Girls leave the restaurant]

Shikamaru: What are those girls, huh? They seemed happy leaving like that.

Ino: (It's a Sharingan's illusion technique!)

Chouji: (Probably... Inside the illusion world, those girls were finally having a date with Sasuke and they were now satisfied so they left... I've been thinking of it... Why does no one hates Sasuke when he's playing with all those girls at once. But this technique... was his secret to be able to do that!)

Shikamaru: Kekkei Genkai is amazing~

Hinata: Charasuke should be feared.

Ino: That aside, (*what's with Sasuke-kun and Neji-kun using these Kekkei Genkais wrongly in our village...?)

Sasuke: [Fake cough] My bad, Sakura. I've involved you in an unwanted discussion.

Sakura: No, it's fine. Sasuke-kun is really popular with girls.

Sasuke: It's only annoying being popular... if the girl is not you.

Sakura: Ehhh?! [Cupid strike!] T/N: Lolz xD

Shikamaru: Just now! There was a loud weird sound!! Right?!

Ino: (Sorry, but that's not what we should be aware of!)

Chouji: (Sakura is all red! What should we do?! We can't stop Sasuke anymore!)

Ino: (If it's like this...!)

Chouji: I-ino!?

[Sound of Ino's body-controlling technique activating]

Sakura: U-uhm! That now... What do you...

Sasuke: Once we get out of here, I'll talk about it. Now come with me---

Hinata(Ino): Stoooop!

Sasuke: What's wrong, Hinata? Yelling all of a sudden...

Hinata(Ino): I... I have something to say! Come with me!

Sasuke: O-oi! Don't pull me too much! And we've gone this far --- ... Sakura I'll see you again later!

Sakura: What's with that... Saying "come with me" then leaving just like that... E-eh? Since when did Ino fall asleep?

Shikamaru: Just a bit earlier!

Chouji: (Ah...hahahaha... Rather than falling asleep...she went off...)

xxx [Track 6]

Sasuke: Oi, Hinata! Let me go already! Geez, you're weird... After going that far, why did you intrude?

Hinata(Ino): B-because... It looked like it was going well...

Sasuke: Huh? What's wrong with that? Isn't it what you wished for?

Hinata(Ino) N-no! I never wished for something like that!

Sasuke: !? [Thumping of heart] 'W-what's with her? Suddenly saying something cute... Moreover... She's looking at me with teary eyes. Shit, what is this strange sensation? Hinata's "tsun" to "dere" effect is affecting me a lot --- !?'

Hinata(Ino): I will never accept the two of you getting with each other!

Sasuke: 'Oh I get it... So that's how it is...'

[Ino leaves Hinata's body]

Hinata: Ouh... Where am I? And why the f*ck are you here, Sasuke?!

Sasuke: You're the one who brought me here. But more importantly... I'm sorry I didn't notice until now.

Hinata: Uehh... Why do you suddenly sound so happy? Disgusting!

Sasuke: Don't be shy now. The truth is... you like me, right?

Hinata: Eh? Ehhh!?

Sasuke: Now that I think about it... I should have noticed it from the start. That's why you wanted to cooperate and help me with my wish. But in the end, you couldn't hide your true feelings for me.

Hinata: That's not it at all!

Sasuke: Oh no, you don't have to say anymore, koneko-chan. Really, you had me fooled with you going "Menma Menma" all the time. Come here, I'll accept your feelings ---

Hinata: I said that's not it at all!!

Sasuke: [Sound of Punch] Guah!

xxx [Track 7]

Staff: Thank you very much!

Ino: I'm sorry Sakura-chan. Everything turned into mess at the end...

Sakura: Why is Ino apologizing? Well, I was surprised when Sasuke-kun and her went off, but I had fun anyway.

Ino: I see. Uhm, Sakura-chan?

Sakura: Hm?

Ino: I don't know what happened but... If I'm enough for you, I'll listen to whatever you wish to say. So if you are troubled with anything, tell me okay?

Sakura: Fufu... What's wrong now... But I'm happy. And I have to go now. I have a promise to meet Menma. See you later!

Ino: Un! Bye bye!

Chouji: She's gone. But all's good now, right? We were somehow able to protect Sakura...

Ino: It's thanks to you both. I... Many things happened... And I want Sakura-chan to be happy. As I thought, the one who matches that girl the most is... the boy who's so much alike to Minato-san... the gentle Menma-kun.

Shikamaru: That's right~!

Chouji: Ah, yesterday's Menma... He acted a bit more idiot than usual though... like, he's livelier than usual.

xxx [Track 8]

Menma(Naruto): Haahh... I hope Sakura-chan comes fast. Having no home makes it a pain in the ass trying to find things to do in a free time. Even if I walk in the town like this... Everyone is so weird anyway... Hah... I need to look for a way already on how to get back to our own world --- Ah! Sasuke!

Sasuke: ... Menma, huh...

Menma(Naruto): Puh! What happened with that messed up face? It looked like you were punched by some outrageous strength!

Sasuke: Shut up! Leave me alone.

Menma(Naruto): What's with that attitude? Surely, everyone is different right now... But seriously, Sasuke is the only one who doesn't change.


~ X ~ X ~ X ~

Sentences/words with explanations!

1.(*co-incidentally crossed paths with you) = Ino meant to say that she and Hinata met each other somewhere co-incidentally.
2.(*heading there now to give her good fight) = Hinata said "Kachikomi" wo kakeru, in Japan it means almost the same as "Nagurikomi" which means... Hitting or fighting each other.
3.(*looks so flustered) = Ino said "Odori". It can mean "jumping in joy".
4.(*woman's heart is complicated) = Onna gokoro wa nantoka is what Hinata said, I couldn't understand this way of saying but it meant close to being complicated or, something near that.
5.(*It's best to do something while she's not changing mind!) = I swear, Hinata's way of speaking somehow sounds like a yakuza or a delinquent. She meant here, it's best to do something before she changes mind again.
6.(*forced enough) = yes, Ino said "gouin" which means "forced". So it isn't natural flow, Hinata-chan. xD
7.(*So before that, I leave the task of calling them to you!) = Hinata actually only said "Tanomu zo!" which meant "I leave it to you!" but I thought someone might be confused with the wordings so I put the sentence like that.
8.(*After saying all those things, she still wants Menma...) = "Mada Menma ni kona wo kakeru ki ka", another complicated way of saying. She meant "Sakura wants to seduce Menma, but she's only playing" or something.
9.(*"We"?!) = I don't know what's so special with "Oretachi" that Naruto said but Hinata seemed to point this as Naruto saying "I'm close with Sakura-chan".
10.(*Prepare yourself and wait for me!) = "Kubi wo aratte mattero yo---" Again, another weird way of saying things... She could of said "Kakugo shite mattero yo". Kubi wo aratte literally means "Wash your neck". In this, Hinata is saying "Prepare yourself to live or die, and wait for me!"
11.(*I should say we're having group date) = Ino's words are sometimes hard to get. If I'm wrong with this, I'm sorry! But once I find out what she truly said, I'll edit this if it's not correct.
12.(*Manual) = Chouji was saying Baiburu/bible... Or probably it was some different word? Needless to say, he meant a "manual".
13.(*I lessen the food I ate earlier) = Shikamaru meant he prepared his stomach for the big party so he can eat many foods. So he probably didn't eat much before the party.
14.(*initiativeee) = Chouji said "Inishiachibu"... Geez... Japanese and their English words in Katakana. xD I almost thought I heard it wrong. "Ti" in Japanese is pronounced as "Chi" so yeah.
15.(*Raw ham marine and shrimp fritter) = I don't know what's a Raw Ham Marine. Sasuke said Nama hamu marine... -.-" Shrimp fritter, idk what kind of shrimp food is this too... Maybe it's cause I haven't been to big restaurants in Japan. -w-"
16.(*piccata) = Another food... But what's this? ._.
17.(*He's not giving any chance!) = Ino meant Sasuke is not giving any chance for Chouji to step in or interfere.
18.(*Chorizo) = so... What kind of food is this too...? All I know is it is a sausage or ..... Or maybe not... Lol
19.(*it's a talk where if the tail's white, it's interesting) = Ugh, this was hard. It's basically a pun with the word "omoshiroi". "Shiroi" is white, and "Oppo" or "shippo" means tail. I actually didn't get much what Chouji meant by this... I never heard of this at school! -.-"
20.(*two-man comic/manzai) = Manzai. Have any of you heard boke and tsukkomi? This is like it. Sasuke referred to Chouji as a comedian or so...
21.(*it's so Sasuke-kun!) = "Sasuke-kun rashii". Sakura meant it's very like Sasuke-kun to be kind like that. >.> uh, what? From my memory, the normal Sasuke wouldn't be like that. Lolz!
22.(*what's with Sasuke-kun and Neji-kun using these Kekkei Genkais wrongly in our village...?) = Sasuke-kun being playboy and using his Sharingan to hide his sins, Neji-kun being perverted and using his Byakugan to peek on girls. You get what Ino's trying to say XD
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Joilisch Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
YOU ACTUALLY SAVED MY LIFE WITH THIS! The first thing Sasuke serves Sakura is Salad. This is even more proof that chapter 700 is based on a genjutsu, or at least a huge trolling from Kishimoto! 
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh have I ever replied to you? I am so sorry for being late! And well I don't know. The ending sucked a lot foe me. I had to rethink if my 12 years of being naruto fan was worth it, because he mislead a lot. I'd have been fine if sasusaku and naruhina were developed decently more. But no, it just had to be made into movie(naruhina) to justify it. And many people said it was naruto ooc. So i didn't bother watching it anymore.
Joilisch Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you! I haven't seen it either for the same reasons^^' It's so sad that it had to flop at the ending.. 
Hidden by Commenter
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes!^^ (I replied to note)
samuraipanda85 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
Ya know? If they had teased it more (or at all) in the manga. I'd seriously ship Sasuke and Hinata.
It really works with the parallels in the story. Naruto and Sasuke are rivals so they are jealous of what the other has. Sakura is in love with Sasuke and Hinata is in love with Naruto. Yet both guys want the other girl. Sasuke would love Hinata because she was the only girl in the whole village who wasn't head over heels for him.
And don't tell me you wouldn't be curious to see what happens when the two most powerful eye jutsus in the world mate.
It would be hilarious to see Sasuke come back to the village then fall head over heals for Hinata. Outta f*ckin' nowhere!
uchihahinata1 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The interesting fact that's not so difficult to notice is how Sasuke and Hinata seen to be intentionally separated throughout the series of Kishimoto. Yet, there are so many similarities in these two characters background, clothing theme, chakra style, childhood stories (father's attitude towards them, brother's death). Even in the forth shinobi war, Hinata and sasuke falls at the same time in the same position and remember their brothers words in the same way. What would Kishimoto just think while drawing these "coincidental" similarities. Just like Kishi's morals through Kakashi's saying "see the underneath of the underneath". I believe what lies beneath, is the story untouched. :)
samuraipanda85 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
You know, in all this talk of parallels, it actually made me think of an argument in favor of naruhina and sasusaku with a basis of sasunaru.
We know how Naruto and Sakura are so similar in terms of personality. Just like how Sasuke and Hinata are similar in their own respects. So if we want to twist that around to Naruto = Sakura and Sasuke = Hinata. Naruhina is like a hetero narusasu and sasusaku is like a hetero sasunaru.
This also could have been explored more upon and would have made a much more interesting shipper debate.
Alas, the only couple that got significant screen time, development, and unlawful amount of parallels was the only one that didn't get any closure.
uchihahinata1 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
In my point of view, in real life, we don't honestly get along with the one who has completely reversed personality to us. This doesn't even apply to the concept of Yin and Yang. For instance, Yin and yang is when one is peaceful while the other is violent but yet fits the same circle. Both Sasuke and Hinata are kind of personality who don't really seek attention, noise or proclamation from crowd but just from the one they care and both actually wants inner peace let alone the similarities in family and experiences they had with parents and being part of noble clan and such. This fits them into one circle and how Sasuke is cold, not respectful to others and Hinata is warm too respectful to everyone including her colleagues makes this couple a perfect Yin and yang figure.
On the other hand, for the entire series, Naruto liked the kind of personality that Sakura has which is entirely opposite to Hinata. Why would anyone compromise in any situation the kind of person he preferred to love? Even when NaruHina happened, how would this couple cope together when one carves for acceptance, proclamation, attention from people and villages while the other is just a peaceful, introvert lady. Similarly, how would Sasusaku cope when one is noisy, life of party kinda lady and the other is again introvert, peaceful kinda guy he even hates noisy people as stated in some chapter. Like
everytime we go to social events, we see Sasuhina type of couple who sit in their own corner just taking care of each other and observing the party and complementing perfectly. Exactly like we see Narusaku type of couple being in the centre of attraction and enjoying it. If we reverse these couple, we always see the lively ones from both the pairs get along leaving their calm ones in the corner who would eventually notice each other later.
Its just my point, hope you get where am trying to go with this.
samuraipanda85 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student Filmographer
I get it. You can say that opposites attract, but the two members have to have some things in common, otherwise all they will do is argue.
We see that in narusaku. Naruto loves pranks and when team 7 meets Kakashi we see inner Sakura also loving a good prank. At the same time Sasuke doesn't seem to care. We also see in Shippuden how both Naruto and Sakura are perverts in their own special way. "Birds of a feather flock together," as Konohamaru says.
At the sametime, we never see Sasuke and Sakura share any interests. Nor do we see Naruto and Hinata share any interests, besides their ninja way which I'm almost certain Hinata stole from Naruto.
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I agree with that! Well the lack of interaction for Sasuke and Hinata sure is overbearing, like... they could talk at least or something but it's like they're being separated in purpose -w-" but then I guess that's just how it is, for Sasuke who isn't interested in fangirls surely won't be interested in any other girls because he might think they're all same, and of course for Hinata who only "sees" Naruto.

Actually, I don't have a problem with Hinata liking Naruto, sometimes I think it's cute. But what I didn't like is that Hinata's existence seems to be just for Naruto, Naruto, and Naruto. : ( At least Sakura had some development with Naruto throughout the story(romantic or not)...

Anyway it would be really hilarious if that happens. : )
samuraipanda85 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
Same. I've been hardcore shipping NaruSaku the past month in order to cope with the manga ending, but I don't hate Hinata. Her role in the chunin exams was vital to Naruto's character growth, but then she became popular and fans wanted more of her. The problem is she gets shoe horned into every 5th arc or so. And her character development is completely tied to her crush on Naruto. It makes for a cute but disappointing female character. Sakura on the other hand has been given mini arcs, mentors, and purposes that go beyond Naruto.
If Naruto was a romance manga we'd probably see more interactions between Sasuke and Hinata. But its not.
Although I think because it is not technically a romance manga it creates the best and most realistic romances.
Huaniee-chan Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I really want to believe that SasuHina has some hope to become canon someday Meow :3 Even if my OTP remains 'crack' as others say, well... I'll still stick to it =P (Razz) That's what I've done for completed series anyway, lol. Thank you for translating the Drama CD dialogue!
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's true, I'm like that too.. Like... so what if they don't become canon in the end? Me shipping them doesn't change. :D

But of course I'm always more happy if my shipping become canon... but I don't have any problem if they don't : )
musiclover1995 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't get it... why did Sasuke want to talk to Sakura privately? Did he want her to be one of his many girlfriends that he doesn't really even love? He didn't seem like he was in love with her like he was with Hinata with Ino inside of her...
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is how it goes:

Sasuke wants to make Sakura fall in love with him, because in that world(Road to Ninja world), it was given hint that Sakura likes Menma and she's like, one of the few girls who doesn't give attention to him(aside from Hinata) so he wants her love and then when he succeed on it, he'll dump her like how he does with others(this was implied by Ino herself, saying "he will just break her heart"). 

He didn't do this to Hinata because more than Sakura, Hinata was obviously very aggressive towards Menma, maybe it was bothersome to him and he knew Hinata wouldn't look his way. But it's funny how the Hinata with Ino's personality(basically, RTN Ino is the Original Hinata personality) was able to make Sasuke's heart beat goes thump thump lol. While all the time when they were in restaurant, Sakura(the original Sakura) was showing signs of lovey dovey towards Sasuke(unlike the normal, this was also implied by Ino, because she said "Sakura is definitely acting weird") BUT Sasuke didn't go thump thump with that.

So to me, it went like: Why did Hinata's change give impact to Sasuke and not with Sakura's? xD I was laughing so hard when Sasuke went original Sasuke emo mode, after he was punched by Hinata for misunderstanding about liking him. Lol 
natalieuciha Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
im a sasuhina fan but this cd  drama gave me the impression that rtn sasuke likes tsunderes? cause if its true that means its a high chance canon sasuke would like tsunderes too? and karin is a tsundere in the canon world..oh i realy hope that isnt true ..what do you think?
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh rtn sasuke was affected by hinata because normally, hinata doesn't give a damn about him and he thinks she's obsessed with menma, but when she suddenly went "dere" on him (like saying something that made him misunderstand her), he went dokidoki=thumping heart/nervous, because probably he didn't expect the gap at all. 

What's funny about that, is the canon sakura was all over him(rtn sasuke) during his plan to make her fall in love with him, but he doesn't even get affected. (The rtn sakura doesn't like him too, that's all the reason why he was planning to make her look at him, then break her heart at the end=Ino said this herself.)

But in the canon world, even if the girl is tsundere like karin, when together with sasuke, karin just turns into a perverted stalking fangirl so no, she's out of the question if it will be based on the situation like in drama cd. Same goes with Sakura, she's called tsundere too(to naruto) but when it comes to Sasuke, she's just another fangirl(who is at least more decent than karin... Sorry karin fans, I don't hate her but she's... -_-). 

Yeah that's how it seems to me. Sakura may have developed her character but she's still a fangirl. (Like... how come she still likes the person who didn't hesitate to attempt to kill her... I see Harima mika from durarara in her because of that.) -.-"
musiclover1995 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, I think I understand! So you think he would treat Sakura like the girls he used the sharingan on? That seems to be what Ino is afraid of for Sakura. You said that Sasuke thought of Hinata as another girl he wishes he could use, but he couldn't because she was too aggressive? So he wasn't in love with the tsundere Hinata, right? Or was he? Because he said that her "tsun" to "dere" effect made his heart thump like crazy. So would that mean he likes tsunderes? Or he likes girls that act "dere" all of the time? I'm confused about that.
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It was just given hint, based on how I heard from Ino. But yes, she's afraid of Sakura getting hurt from that because she knows Sasuke will just be jerk, and Ino thinks Menma fits Sakura the best. Well it's just a thought, I am not sure but based on the RTN Sasuke, he likes to play with girls, Hinata should be no difference since she's also a girl and someone around him, but he doesn't try to get her right? That's because he knows Hinata is all over Menma.

In the misunderstanding part, which is track 6, RTN Sasuke said "Really, you had me fooled with you going "Menma Menma" all the time.", so that gives hint that he was never making a move on her because of that. (He was aware he'd just make a fool out of himself probably) but of course, he wasn't in love with the Tsundere Hinata. We can't call it like that.

But the fact that Hinata's "tsun" to "dere" effect gave an impact to him making his heart thump like crazy, is something. Truly something. RTN Sasuke himself said "Shit, what is this strange sensation? Hinata's "tsun" to "dere" effect is affecting me a lot --- !?'" He said "Hinata's" specifically. I doubt any girl could do that, because in the RTN world, Sakura was supposed to be taking a liking on Menma too and she doesn't like Sasuke at all BUT when it was the Original Sakura who was with Sasuke, she was all fangirly over him and it's impossible he did NOT notice this. So, the conclusion is Sasuke don't just like girls that act "dere", if so, he'd go thump thump on Sakura too but no.

Still I'm not sure if it's just he likes tsundere secretly. Lol
musiclover1995 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think he likes tsundere secretly, because if he did, his heart would thump even when Hinata is "tsun" to him. Take Minato for example. Now he likes a tsundere (Kushina), because he loves her "tsun" AND "dere" sides. Whatever side she shows him, he still loves her the same. That is TRUE tsundere love.
Sasuke, however, only loves Hinata when she is "dere". He said that her "tsun" to "dere" effect impacted him a lot. This means he would love a girl that acts "dere" all of the time. I say this because he is disappointed when Hinata acts "tsun" again and rejects him. It almost seemed like he was in denial that she became "tsun" again. If he really loved tsunderes, he would keep pursuing her, no matter what. He said "Hinata's" specifically because he has never seen a tsundere girl's "dere" effect being so shy (it is usually flirty with tsunderes). He doesn't realize that Ino is inside of Hinata, and her "dere" effect is actually dandere Ino (the canon Hinata is dandere). So, this means Sasuke probably likes dandere (cute, but shy) girls. The RTN characters may have different personalities, but they have crushes with the same personalities as their canon crushes. For example, Hinata likes Naruto in both universes (Menma was exactly like Naruto's personality before he turned towards darkness). So, Sasuke probably likes dandere type girls in both universes, which is good news for canon SasuHina fans because she is the only dandere girl that he has been around in canon (i think?).
One thing to consider, though, is that Sasuke actually fell in love with Ino here. Sasuke's heart beat like crazy when Ino's words were spoken to him. I really doubt Sasuke cares about appearance with true love, it is the personality that counts. You may disagree. He never said anything about Hinata's appearance, just how she acted affected him. He never really talked to Ino in RTN, so he doesn't know that he actually likes her instead. It is probably because Ino is too shy to approach him herself. I hope I don't sound anti SasuHina, I'm just saying that if he liked Ino in RTN, then he would like Hinata in canon.
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh now that you mention it... that's a really good point about tsundere love! Well, I don't know if he does like "dere" all the time though, because I think he's too much used to that. Most of the girls in his world(RTN) act dere towards him, dere means showing affection/being cute/lovey dovey so yeah... that's how I thought Hinata's action gave impact to him, because it's refreshing or something, and the gap between her "tsun" and "dere" is mostly what made his heart go thump thump. I mean, she was tsun tsun then suddenly all dere, that's surprising right?(especially to him who was only used to RTN Hinata's tsuntsun side)

Oh yeah, it's the first time I heard of dandere XD I only know yandere, tsundere, yangire, goudere etc so there was dandere... o.O Well true, original Hinata would be dandere then...

Lol and yeah! If the feelings are actually all the same, then original Sasuke's type may be really Hinata. Dunno.
And you also got point in that one. XD RTN Sasuke and RTN Ino isn't bad at all lol I can like it, but never sasusaku. ^^; Really sorry if you're ever a sasusaku fan... Well anyway, we don't know what happened after that, if RTN Sasuke decided to permanently ignore RTN Hinata for doing that, OR if he decided to pursue her until she gives up and falls in love with him LOLZ :XD:
musiclover1995 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that is a good point. He probably wouldn't like "dere" all the time because that is how fangirls act towards him constantly. He would like a gap and some space once in a while. He wouldn't like tsunderes though, because in canon, he is easily annoyed by loud people. Tsunderes tend to be loud and obnoxious. I think he would like a kuudere or dandere. Quiet and appearing emotionless, yet can be cute, shy, and lovey when appropriate (not all of the time). The only fit I see in canon is Hinata, because Sasuke seems to like shyness.

I am definitely NOT a SasuSaku fan. I own the Anti-SS-and-Anti-SK group: anti-ss-and-anti-sk.deviantart…
If you hate SasuKarin, as well as SS, you can join. I do apologize if you like SK, though. I don't mean to offend you or anything. I am just offering you to join in case you do. Many SasuHina fans tend to hate both...

You are right, we don't know what happened after Hinata rejected him. I doubt he tried to pursue her because he was probably afraid of her. XD
He was probably disappointed that her shyness went away, and her loud, agressive self came back. Well, we know Sasuke wouldn't have to worry about that in canon. :)
musiclover1995 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I forgot to add...why didn't Sasuke notice Ino in RTN? She is his type as it proves above. Maybe because he was too busy being a playboy to look at a shy girl like her for true love? Yet he noticed when Hinata acted that way when Ino was inside of her. Or maybe Ino is too shy to talk to him and they don't know each other too well, kind of like Hinata and Sasuke in canon? Idk...
(1 Reply)
AveRoze Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
It this real? or fan made?
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The drama CD is official, meaning what happens in this mini comic is official. : ) 
AveRoze Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014
oh...i just afraid that people bring my hope down on sasuhina REAL moment ..but now i know it is real!! SASUHINA ALL THE WAY!!!Boogie! 
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, OMFORK another SasuHina fan! I have tons of SasuHina fanart in my gallery you know XD And have you seen the mini comic version I did from this drama CD? : )
AveRoze Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
of course i have! i even seen one that have been animated!! And i gonna go check out your sasuhina fanart now..:squee: 
Ndasuunye Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
It kind of pissed me off more than made me laugh when Sasuke used his sharingan to get rid of the girls. That's sick man. But still overall, it was funny as hell. Although I did see a scene of Sasuke and Hinata bowing side by side in a cutscene somewhere on a road to ninja preview. Was it referring to this?
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol that was indeed a little awkward! I didn't know if I should laugh at it too or whut. 
But you're right, the whole CD is funny.

Wait, where did you see that scene?? O.O
I have watched that movie but I didn't see Hinata and Sasuke bowing side by side...... hmm........... or I don't remember... :<

Or does cutscene mean, a scene that wasn't taken in the road to ninja movie?
aurora0914 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That is so SasuHina!!!! Thank you for translating it!!!!! Is Sasuke in love?????/ OMFG!!!!!!
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! I couldn't believe it myself too :love:

I was shocked at first XD Didn't think this would be possible in real >.< (even if it's alternate world)
Clefairy-Tales Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Did they released an actual scene for this ? or just an audio track? btw Thanks for the translation ! :D
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! And sadly no D:
Only the audio track, I so want to see this on an OVA or special episode or something >.<
Clefairy-Tales Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
That's for the translation! I have a question, is there an actual scene for this ? or just an audio track ?
BakaHimi Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks for the translation xD this drama CD is so funny and cute at the same time~~
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome. It makes me happy that my translation helps many to understand the CD. It's really so funny and cute I wish they made it into an OVA or something. xD

And I couldn't believe that there would be an interaction like that between Sasuke and Hinata. Really never even dreamed of it happening for real. o.O
Like... Sasuke went doki-doki with her..... LOL that's... something XD Though it's AU, but it's still Sasuke and Hinata. 
BakaHimi Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student General Artist

I know right I'm pretty surprised when I read the translation xD what if the original Sasuke likes Hinata too..hmm..
kara1221 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
But what does -koneko-chan- mean? : D
Say, can I use your translation if I credit you?
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Koneko-chan means "little kitty-chan" Koneko means little kitty. It's just a nickname call, that any guy can probably use to seduce girls xD (in Sasuke's case, yep)

Yes of course! But where will you use it? : )
Just curious. :D
kara1221 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, I see, thank you : D
Well, even that would work for this dork (who wouldn't fall for that asshole xD)

Ah, well as a crazy fangirl I had a crazy idea and I wanted to make a SasuNaru thingie... xD
I can give you a link later, however I don't really know when I'll finish this ^^"
Anyways, thank you!
xILoveSasukeUchihax Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
LMFAOO. My mom helped translate it as well, so I was cracking up so hard. Sasuke got jealous at the end. xD
I wish they could do an OVA or something. Some SasuHina would be amazing. xD
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Really?! Lol! xD YEAH it was funny, didn't think the "Chara!Suke" would get depressed or annoyed by what Hinata did. (he misunderstood and embarrassed himself then she punched him) Priceless LOL I do hope for an OVA too : (
xILoveSasukeUchihax Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
This means that if Charasuke and canon Hinata were to ever meet, they would have beautiful babies. xD
That OVA would be amazing omg. xD
ChiisanaMaho Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the alternate power of the sharingan. pffft.
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I know right? LOL
PrincesseDiana Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013
Thanks for the translation !
Kohaya7Kae-13 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome :D
HinataHyuUchiha Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the translation.^^ LMAO
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